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Complimentary Search Engine Optimized Blog

Although Search Engines ascertain your ranking by various numerous methods, relevance is assigned by the number of content specific pages, number of links to a site and how often content is added to the site. Typical static web sites sit there unchanged, quickly become outdated, and sink to the bottom of Search Engine Rankings. Blogs stay active, lively and exceptionally useful to your audience – your customers, clients, prospects, the public; while they are also improving your Search Engine Rankings.

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Add blog content that informs your audience. Great content that is of great interest to your readers generates inbound linking to your pages which gives you an added boost in Search Engines. While you are intent on connecting with your audience, you should not forget the value of good positioning within the search engine results pages. Balance good information with good keywords for the best effect. You must know which keywords represent your audience, your customers and prospects. Your keywords are what will bring you traffic from the search engines. Keywords are the terms people use in the search engines to find stuff. Research good keywords to use when writing or selecting information for your blog content.

Ideally, if you blog naturally and with your keywords in mind you will do well to both inform your audience and win with good search engine rankings in the search engine results pages.

Blogs are Easy to Use

Blogging software has enabled people with limited knowledge of the Internet, to publish a constantly renewing source of news and insight about their topic of interest online. First and foremost Blogging software does not require the user to have specialized knowledge to be able to publish their information.

Adding a post to the Search Engine Optimized Blog we create for you, is as easy as writing an email. You type or paste the information into a box and click a button. Just like that, it’s up on the Internet and syndicated to your audience.

You can log in and access your blog, with any web browser from anywhere in the world, and change information by clicking and typing on a website form. It’s easy and you don’t have to know anything about programming or HTML. Our blog software will automatically move your most recent post to the top, so you don’t ever have to bother moving web pages. Type or paste and click a button!

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