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Content Management Systems are one of the most significant ways a company can improve its website effectiveness. Business and marketing experts all agree that websites are rapidly becoming the most important element of your marketing effort. How can you afford to keep your website up to date, growing and competitive? The single answer is — add a Content Management System.

Content Management, for many reasons, represents a tidal shift in web design. Content Management is the next step in separating web site structure from design; allowing designers to focus on what they are experts at, building the design, and you to add your own content in a more simplified manner. Content Management empowers you to do a lot of the non–design tasks that until now had been part of your web designer’s job description.

ImageBuilders employs all the leading edge technology to create a custom Content Management website, tailored to you and your business. Your web site’s basic design will be “search engine optimized” to provide you with top search engine position; and with our managed hosting services, your website will maintain good search engine ranking. A Web Content Management System (CMS) empowers your business by putting the content creation and web site updates back in your hands, and eliminating website maintenance costs.

Why are Content Management Web Sites the trend?

Prior to the advent of Content Management software, most web sites consisted of static pages requiring some degree of technical knowledge and skills to update. Static HTML pages may be fine if your website is small, simple, has few interactive features and visitor traffic or ranking high in Search Engines is not a requirement.

Web Content Management Systems are feature rich, significantly reduce or eliminate web maintenance cost, and increase productivity for every business and organization. A real estate company or car dealer can attractively showcase and manage all his listings online, a newspaper company can instantly publish any article, knowledge based organizations can make their information viewable to some and editable by others, clubs can post tournament results and upcoming events, and any business owner can add content to his web site and boost Search Engine Rankings.

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