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All our managed website hosting clients receive FREE monthly Search Engine Submission and Ranking Reports. Just because you appeared at the top in the major search engine results when we finished designing your website, doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to remain there. New websites appear by the second, and search engines are constantly changing the methods they use to index them. We check your site’s ranking in the major search engines monthly to insure you remain listed, and determine where you are positioned. If you are heading up over time, great; but if your website begins any downward trend, we will resubmit it until it regains it’s higher position. If resubmissions alone don’t regain your higher position, we determine and make any additions or changes needed to improve your website’s ranking. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you by ignoring your ranking trends for too long. Maintain your position and you will get a constant steady reward in the form of new visitors and increased traffic to your site. This is a constant process that you must maintain with some vigilance.

All our managed website hosting clients receive FREE weekly and monthly website Traffic Analysis Reports by email. Additionally, live reports are always available around-the-clock, whenever you need them, and you don’t need to contact us. Our superior web analytics software provides a comprehensive suite of customizable reports that deliver insight into your visitors’ trends, where your traffic comes from, what pages are viewed most, tracks marketing promotions; and historical data is maintained up to 365 days. Our traffic analysis software is the ultimate in web analytics, enabling you to make smart decisions based on actual website performance, rather than best guesses.

ImageBuilders recognizes that downtime is not an option for your website. We use top of the line fast and reliable servers; providing redundant connections, and battery and generator backups, to sustain any unforeseen outages and maintain uninterrupted power. Our servers are equipped with the newest hardware and most up to date versions of server software, further ensuring your website will be up and running on the web 24 hours a day. Additionally, our servers are configured to be as secure as possible, and all our data files are backed up on a DAILY basis; features frequently disregarded by discount hosting services.

Because our servers employ more sophisticated and highly developed mail server software, than discount hosting packages; our clients can access their email from any location, with any browser. You can reply to your business customers while on vacation, at home, visiting family, from a cybercafe, or from any international location where you can plug into the Internet.

Our “Fully Managed Website Hosting” includes 24/7 incomparable experienced technical support. If you have ever been on the phone for hours with a discount hosting service’s professed technical support, you will cherish this priceless feature. When you have questions, problems, or need advice; we have the expertise and willingness to step in, take charge, troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve your problem. This means, for you, your hosting is relatively maintenance free; again, a feature typically only affordable to large corporations.

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