New Mexico Web Site Content Management System

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Our Content Management System is designed to work with both simple and complex websites and will be fully tailored to your individual and business requirements. For large businesses and organizations, our Web Content Management System can be customized to include more review of the changes before they are actually published to the web site.  The levels of review and sign off can vary depending on your company’s needs.

For a larger business requiring some sort of workflow management and quality control, users can be arranged in several groups, giving each group a defined role and different level of access. User groups with access to the Frontend include Guest, Registered Member, Author, Editor and Publisher. A Manager has access to the Backend or Administration of the system, and sets roles and permissions for the members, authors, editors and publishers. An Author may be assigned to create draft content, the Editor is notified the draft is ready and edits the draft, and the Publisher approves and sends up the final product. An Editor has all the privileges of an Author and can also edit content, a Publisher has all the privileges of an Editor and can also approve and send up content, and a Manager has all the privileges of a Publisher and can also manage Administration.
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Our Web Content Management System is flexible and customizable, designed to work with both simple and complex websites. In a small business, where you alone access and make changes to your web site, you would have Manager privileges, and wouldn’t need any of the lower group levels of access. However, if you hired an assistant, you may want him to have Author or Editor privileges. He could create content, but it couldn’t be published to your website without your approval. A larger business could have a variety of authors creating content, under the control of any arrangement and number of editors or publishers, and a manager. For example, Human Resources may have the ability to post new job vacancies as a Publisher solely in the Human Resources Section, while Marketing may have Manager privileges and oversee the entire web site.

Content Management Systems are one of the most significant ways a company can improve its website effectiveness. Until recently, it was impossible for the average web site owner, to even dream of regularly and easily updating his web site, and generating content that is never out of date. With your Content Management website, you are providing your web audience with valuable information and dynamically creating pages. The number of pages you build is limitless. The pages you accrue increase the size of your web site, improve your Search Engine rankings, and consequently save you money in web design expenses, since you are the publisher.

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