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Customer Information Database

Customer data is captured on the Order Form when a customer places an order. The shipping data always reflects the shipping address given on the most recent order. Customer contact data, credit information and login data can easily be modified or updated. You can also delete the customer if there are no orders associated with the customer. A complete order history is also displayed with links to the Orders details page to check on the status and details of an order.

Unlimited Product Options

Ideal for any business – large, medium and small. You can add, edit, delete or archive your Product Options. You can also set the order in which you want them to be applied on the web.

Orders Search, List

You are able to pull a list of Pending, Verified, Shipped, Canceled, or Returned orders, or search for orders by date, depending on the link you select under the Orders tab on your admin menu. The results of your search are displayed in a table sorted by date.

Order Detail Admin

Order Detail Admin provides a complete overview of orders including customer information, payment data, shipping information, order status and a list of the individual items ordered.

This page serves as a “worksheet” that will be helpful in processing and filling the order. In the Shipping section you can enter how the order was shipped, the tracking number, the actual shipping charge (very helpful for tracking whether shipping charges should be adjusted) and the shipping date.

Super Flexible Shipping

You have total control of your shipping charges. You can specify shipping methods per country, base shipping rates per method, and additional charges for each method based on the weight.

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