SEO eCommerce Feature Details

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Administration by the Merchant

The admin home page allows you to quickly see how many new orders you have received and of those new orders, how many are waiting for payment verification and how many are verified and ready to be shipped.

Links provided give you easy access to orders so they can be given the needed attention.

Flexible Product Display

Our Shopping Cart allows you to search your store in a variety of ways. Using a combination of link and form searches, you can provide your customers multiple ways to find products. View all of the products using text links, or search by category or keyword. The Shopping Cart dynamically determines how many options a product has, and displays the options in the most efficient way possible. If a product has only one option, then you get one select list. If a product has two options, and you’ve elected to use the Advanced Details Display type, then two dynamic select lists will be displayed, making it impossible for a user to pick an option that’s not available. If a product has more than two options, then a table listing all of the available SKUs is displayed.

Product Categories

Products are categorized and identified by as many as four layers of search criteria: product, category, secondary category and keywords. The larger number of products you carry, the more search options you should offer to help your customer narrow down what he/she is looking for.

You may add an unlimited number of categories or delete/archive existing categories. This list determines the choices available to the customer when searching your site, and the choices you have when assigning a category to a product.

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