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One of ImageBuilders’ unique and valuable features, is our inclusion of a database in our basic website design package, and at no additional cost. Database driven website pages (also referred to as Dynamic website pages) allow some businesses to operate more efficiently and simply, thus saving the administrative team (you), countless hours, effort, and therefore dollars. Database Demo. A database driven site is necessary if you want to:

  • Display a searchable catalogue of products.
  • Create a shopping cart to securely sell your products.
  • Have the ability to update your data, such as a real estate listing, through your web browser. Real Estate Demo.
  • Create bulletin boards or classified ads, so your clients can leave messages or complete information.

Web Site DesignWe can build a password protected database that allows only you (the administrator / website owner) to access your database, with any web browser from anywhere in the world, and change information by clicking and typing on a website form. This lets you update information whenever you want without the expense of paying us (web designers), because it’s easy and you don’t have to know anything about programming or HTML. Price increases, changes to numerous pages, can all be accomplished DYNAMICALLY or automatically by completing a form we design for your database. This same database allows everyone else (your web customers) to search through your database for products, items, real estate listings, prices, or any search option significant to your business.

Virtually every business website is enhanced by a database driven email system. When a customer contacts you by email, a database is created, including his question or interest and email address; automatically capturing vital customer information that otherwise would be lost. This database quickly provides you with a customer list for future email promotions or contact, a powerful marketing tool. We include this feature in every website we design.

ImageBuilders includes a Search Engine Optimized Blog, tailored to your business, with every web site we design whether you choose our Basic Web Design Package detailed below, or Affordable Licensed Website; and at no additional cost. Whether you have an online store, real estate agency, are an attorney, health professional, fishing guide, or any business manager; your Custom Blog is a valuable tool that can improve the success of your website.

Web Design Prices

ImageBuilders’ basic Website Design Package is $1500, includes 15 custom web pages, tailored to you and your business; and all the unique and valuable features we illustrated. We include a database driven email system in every website we design; and additional dynamic database driven pages, at no additional cost; if their inclusion will enhance or allow your business website to operate more efficiently. Since implementing a Shopping Cart requires additional software and programming, there is an additional charge; but our basic Shopping Cart priced at $495 is extremely competitive. Although a website with more than 15 pages has a better prospect of attaining high search engine position; we have determined 15 web pages as a minimum number necessary, if you expect to achieve top 20 or higher search engine ranking. If your small business budget won’t permit a $1500 initial expenditure, we are flexible. We can create your website incrementally; for example, 5 web pages at a time. Contact Us for a quote. It’s to your advantage to begin your website now, even if it’s incremental; since search engines assign value to the longevity of a site on the internet. In other words, if you start with a 5 page website today, even though you don’t amass 15 pages until later; your site will ultimately rank higher because of your website’s longevity on the internet, than if you wait until you can afford the entire 15 page website.


  • 15 custom designed pages $1500
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Database
  • Domain name registration
  • Search Engine and Links listings Submission
  • SEO blog
  • Shopping cart/seo-blog $495

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